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How to choose energy-saving house

2019-04-15 16:44:44 jxjinkai Read

 The housing outer wall color to light. Now saving processing wall is the wall on the basis of traditional is additionally provided with a layer of highly effective thermal insulation material which is formed by the combination of wall thermal insulation wall, generallytake a more light colored finishes or vertical greening measures, summer can bereflected in a considerable part of the solar radiation.

The best pattern large standard width of a room, small depth. Such housing lighting is very good, and not a "dark room", and the plate design of the southern and Northern Dynasties can achieve the best energy saving effect, and to achieve maximumventilation.

The most important kitchen, Wei ming. Black kitchen black Wei, also need to turn on the lights in the daytime, a year down will increase the number of electricity.

Select the casement window, its good air tightness, reduce heat loss. The proportion ofmoderate size and windows to.

Fresh air system should be beneficial to the air fresh, long time window will makeharmful gas into the chamber, and the window is moderate, the room temperature is not easy to have the change, the air is also more appropriate.

In the purchase contract, property buyers should ask the developer using the building energy saving related technical standards and energy-saving building materials, such as whether to adopt energy-saving door and window, casement windows etc.. Others,should also pay attention to check the construction quality supervision departments on the construction of energy-efficient acceptance report.

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