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Select the Jinkai building material reason

2019-04-15 16:35:36 jxjinkai Read

The company's products rely on the technological advantages of the famous domestic building materials industrial science research and design institute, and apply to high technology, new materials, research and development of high-tech building materials. The company has been adhering to the concept of honest service and innovation, and won many honors. The company's KUNAO brand has become a well-known brand in China.

       Since its launch in 2003, the company's lightweight partition board has been selling well all over the world with its unique functions. The production and sales volume has increased rapidly every year, and its application range has been continuously expanded. It has been successfully applied to many different places, such as covering public buildings (buildings, pavilions, centers). , high-end hotels, entertainment venues, office buildings, shopping malls, high-rise residential buildings, villas, etc., applications include indoor partitions, exterior walls, roofing, floor panels, fire partitions, pipeline wells, composite housing components, etc., and are widely praised by users. .

The company also has an excellent senior management and marketing team. It has a group of experts, professors, engineers and other professional and technical personnel in the building materials industry. They are not only the technical source for the research and development of Jinkai building materials, but also the main force for KUNAO brand. 

The company's aim is to develop the high-tech of Chinese building materials industry, independently research and develop new products and new technology, fill the blank of the building materials industry in our province and even the whole country, and strive to catch up with the world's advanced level, for the modernization of Chinese construction industry, housing industrialization, building materials ecological, construction mechanization provides high-quality building materials products, providing comprehensive and thoughtful service to our customers!

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