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Special Lightweight Warm-preservation Wall Panel

2019-04-15 15:32:59 jxjinkai Read

As the resources become reducing, people pay more attention on saving resources nowadays. People look for energy-saving insulation materials in the construction industry. Because the traditional building materials cement wall board is made by sand and other materials,it can’t hinder air convection from indoor and outdoor, and it’s the reason why these construction materials don’t keep warm. Our panel which has EPS inside  not only inherit hard of lightweight, but also has great function of insulation.


The temperature for EPS lightweight insulation panel function is 15-70℃.The GB/T10801.1—2000 rules for EPS insulation says: when the density of the EPS panel is not less than 15--20KG/m3,the heat conductivity coefficient is less than 0.041 w/m.k. And the heat conductivity coefficient of EPS depends on the density of the material and the temperature in actual environments. When the temperature of the actual environments decrease, the heat conductivity coefficient decrease at the same time. Different kinds of EPS material has different heat conductivity coefficient, but the difference is not too much. According to the introduction of the foreign technology magazine, when the density of the surface of EPS panel is 20kg/m3 ,the heat conductivity coefficient is 0.033—0.036 w/m.k under the condition of 10℃ degree. Therefore, there is no problem for the heat conductivity coefficient of EPS lightweight partition board reaching 0.035 w/m.k below 10℃.So our EPS panel has the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer. And because of this characteristics, our EPS lightweight partition panel is called insulation and energy saving building materials.


Lightweight insulation wall panels is a new composite materials using calcium silicate board as face panel, which once invented has received praise from all sectors of society. Then what kind of insulation function this wall panel has, which is made up of cement, EPS calcium silicate board. According to the analysis of wall material professor, this material has insulation material-EPS particles.EPS particles is polystyrene foam, which is used polystyrene resin as basic material, adding foam and other auxiliary materials, through heating. It has the advantages of lightweight, low heat conductivity coefficient, low water absorption, waterproof, aging resistance, low temperature resistance and easy to work. Our company Wuhan Huaquan Energy-saving Board & Equipment Technology Research Co., Ltd seized these condition and put it in the new partition wall panel. Our new generation EPS lightweight partition board is used calcium silicate board as face board with cement, sand, EPS particle inside, under the pressure of the mould car.


Nowadays, because of good smooth, great accusation and low price, lightweight EPS cement partition wall panel occupy wall building materials market completely. Our company Wuhan Huaquan Energy-saving Board & Equipment Technology Research Co., Ltd has 100 sets wall panel production equipment. The annual output is 500000square meters. We are now looking for good company to develop and sell panel and we will do our best to meet customer needs.


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