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What Is The Concept Of Lightweight Partition Board Material

2019-04-15 15:36:10 jxjinkai Read

 At present, the new energy saving building materials of lightweight partition board has received government support, especially through the introduction of appropriate policies,promote the whole building construction technology optimization of the chain and the productchain into the class, make the new technology, new products and further description rules,technical specification for now, construction quality standard sideways.

According to know, in the promotion and expansion of the first few years of the new wall light partition wall board, can good use can easily used force to a lot of people, "years ago many people have such doubt, is mainly because the contact is not much, don't know, now rarely heard such title, with thermal insulation, new wall materials heat, light, high efficiency, improve the building function and increase the using area of the house and a series of interest, much is green building materials." Usually brick commonly refer to every stere weight reached about 2 kilograms, and the new wall material per cubic meter only needs 1/2 or even 1/3 weight in the same area, use case, can greatly reduce the weight of the building, to enhance the earthquake resistance of buildings.

Along with the push Chinese green building and expansion, the new energy saving building materials to light partition board as the representative will usher in a more broad marketprospects and more robust vitality.

When it comes to building walls with building materials, most people's first response is red brick, as a kind of clay as the main material, after high temperature firing of the red brickbuilding materials, use a long before the history of a building in Chinese, towering red brickbuilding had several generations on the city's collective recollection. But the public did not know the fact of the matter is, every year for the production of clay brick clay resourceconsumption of about 1000000000 cubic meters, a lot of arable land is damaged due to earth brick, "Chinese house building material is approximately 70% wall material, the traditional approach is earth brick, about 1000000000 cubic phase is equal to the destroyed 500000 acres of fields, assuming complete change the traditional practice is not through the usefulmethod, the protection of arable land will become a paper talk." The importance of the promotion of new wall materials was asked, along with the economic society expansion andlevel of science and technology progress continuously, the meaning of new wall materials will be different, in serious protection of arable land, exaggerated environmental protection,suggestion of circular economy and low carbon economy today, the concept of new wall materials should be refers to the non clay materials to produce wall materials the.

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