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Talk about the reason of difficulty of installing a lightweight partition board connection and a solution

2019-04-15 16:14:33 jxjinkai Read

Lightweight partition board because it is the use of disposal of phosphogypsum in wet process production, no need to phosphorus gypsum dewatering and drying processing, so don't need expensive equipment investment, therefore may say the advent of lightweight partition board technology will unveil a new chapter in comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum, outstanding environmental protection significance.

Lightweight partition board at the time of installation, piece by piece, at the time of use are joining together, so at the time of joining together of lightweight partition board must master a certain skill, to avoid problems with the plate connection is not sealed, at the same time to understand what causes of such problems, to find the effective solutions.

Since be joining together there must be a gap, but the edge of the plate when transporting or construction damage, affirmation is uneven in straight, so that the construction good wall cracks could be bigger, so as the partition board is to block, in error of bar length production, height of beam and column base template error, both up and down seam in range of 3-8 cm in between, the seam between the cement mortar and plate head, bricks and other hard objects available populated, but does not allow to squeeze real good and beams, settlement of 1 cm gap insulation by beam under the internal Angle of mortar with plaster board outside the compacted into eight of the adornment such as surface treatment when made into elastic elastic emulsion mortar putty to fill gaps and Yin Angle solid filling, leveling can ensure the longitudinal crack is less than 5%. Two plate joint cement mortar must full clamping, squeeze out the extra mortar in a timely manner, leveling plate edge adjustment treatment tank must be seam with cement mortar, wall plaster after dry processing.

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