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Jinkai Building Material Advantage

2019-04-15 15:50:01 jxjinkai Read

Light partition board, just as its name implies. Its characteristics are embodied in the light, thereby saving time and labor.Zhejiang Aobang building materials limited company is the "main wall material of Shanghai State Building Materials Technology Group" set up in East China production base, the company is located in Jiashan County of Zhejiang province Wei Tong industrial area, elegant environment, convenient transportation, covering an area of more than 20000 square meters, total investment Sanqian million yuan, annual production of "Shanghai state" brand light composite energy saving wallboard about 2000000 square meters. Below we from the product characteristics for light partition board we outline knowledge, so that you have a knowledge of.

1, heat preservation, heat insulation material composition: Shanghai state light composite energy-saving wall board is made of pure natural vermiculite, high purity quartz powder, inorganic fiber and plant fiber lightweight high temperature, high pressure steam curing and honeycomb structure, its internal plus ensures its good thermal insulation function, is an ideal product forenergy saving building indoor, sheet the outer wall, and at the same time it can be with the seasonal climate change andautomatically adjust the moisture content in the indoor air humidity function, to maintain a constant level, to achieve the ecological regulation effect, make you more comfortable indoor environment, in line with the development trend of Hyundai Residence building;

2, impermeability: Shanghai state light composite energy-saving wall board panel for medium density fiber reinforced cementplate, with waterproof, moisture-proof performance good, therefore, does not appear due to moisture absorption wall plate andpine, halogenation, deformation, strength decline.

3, light quality, economy: Shanghai state light composite energy-saving wall board is light in weight, the weight is only 750-800kg/m3, 75mm thick wall weight is 60kg/m2, weight 1/6, aerated concrete brick masonry weight 1/2, equivalent to 120mm thickmasonry + double plastering wall weight 1/7, thus reducing the cost of the structure, and increased the use of the area, the construction is simple and convenient, cost significantly more expensive.

4, the fire performance: Shanghai state light composite energy-saving wall board in the 1000 high temperature refractory limit for more than 4 hours, and do not emit toxic gases, noncombustible performance reach the national A-level standards. Wall installation is completed, with the stability and integrity of the superior, have a good fire resistant performance, can the fire andsmoke and gas confined in the fire area, to prevent the fire from spreading, blocked the toxic gas (or the effective isolation), so that staff have sufficient time and fire evacuation, to avoid the heavy loss of life and property, increase a guarantee for your safety, is a kind of prevention first, prevent fire theory rather than save.

5, increase the using area: according to national building partition wall slat specification, Shanghai state light composite energy-saving wall plate 75mm thick wall can replace the traditional 120mm thick brick wall, and the ratio of plastering thickness afterless than 85mm, that is to say the use of Shanghai state energy saving wallboard, each extending 11.8M, 1m2 can increase theuse area, use the the increasing rate of 4-6%, each 100m2 can increase the utility 4.26m2 residential area, the increase in utilityarea value is higher than the cost of partition wallboard, so Shanghai state light composite energy-saving wall board is suitable for shops and residential or household.

6, high strength: Shanghai state light composite energy-saving wall board can be arbitrarily slotting and wiring, nailing orexpansion bolt for hanging heavy objects, such as air conditioners, condole, single point suspension force is more than 45kg;and the panel surface smooth wall smooth, does not produce dust, can be directly pasted ceramic tiles, wallpaper, wood decoration plate material for decoration.

7, sound insulation performance: Shanghai state light section composite can have good sound absorption and sound insulation effect of concave and convex grooves between the composition of materials within the fiber cement board, wall surface and theplate and the plate connection, wallboard sound insulation quantity 90mm thickness 40 dB, much higher than that of other brick wall sound insulation effect, the sound insulation effect conforms to the insulation state residential demand.

8, Shanghai state light composite energy-saving wallboard material 100% does not contain substances harmful to human body,no radioactive A-class products, in line with the national standard JG/T169-2005, the scope of application is not limited, is acertification by the State Environmental Protection Administration of green building materials.

9, the construction of lightweight partition board is convenient: due to the completely dry work and assembly type construction,wall height of 4 meters below, an average skilled workers a day can be ready for shipment and the wall above 35m2, double-sided smooth without need of plaster, compared with masonry wall construction efficiency is increased by 15 times; the installation requires only put line accurately no matter how large the coolie, can be installed after the installation of otherdecoration can be carried out synchronously; wallboard can also according to the demand of building structure cutting arbitrarilyadjust width, length, reduce material wastage rate and construction waste; to transport concise, piling up health, without mortarplastering, shorten the duration of the effect.

10, can be repeated use: repeated use rate: 70-90%

For the regular change of indoor partition, such as shopping malls, office buildings, the use of Shanghai state lightweight composite wall panel can be repeatedly used. Disassembly and assembly are very convenient, can greatly improve the utilization efficiency and economic benefit of the product, will not cause the construction waste and affect the normal business surroundingthe tenants.

Suggestion: if you need to repeat the use of wall panels, installed by dry mosaic, with convenient disassembly and repeated use.

11, the earthquake, the integrity is good: as is the assembly type construction, itself the three in one structure, board and boardtenon are connected into a whole, anti shock performance is 1.5 times the general masonry; using the method of structural steelanchor, high wall intensity, can body partition for floors, large span, the overall seismic performance than ordinary masonry walldozens of times, can meet the seismic intensity of 8 class above the building requirements. Hubang lightweight compositeenergy-saving wall board wall system with compact structure, good integrity, no deformation

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